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1) What is an OTV Presentation? Is it a movie or video?
The presentation is created in Flash SWF. Flash is widely accepted online and will easily stream in 98% of all web browsers. Each screen is a stand alone file and loads in the background behind the scenes. That's why the presentation loads so quickly.

2) How Long can a presentation be?
There really is no limit to length from a technical standpoint. Since each screen is a stand alone file we seamlessly link each screen together like a chain for a smooth and nimble play through no matter how many "links" or screens we play.

3) How long does it take to produce a finished presentation?
This depends on the length of your presentation and how quickly we can collaborate on your script and message. We have produced small emergency" type presentations in two days...some larger presentations have taken 4 weeks. Generally though, the average presentation is completed in two weeks from start to approved final cut.

4) Can we put our presentation on our website?
Sure..we provide a link you would simply post on your site. Its very easy. If you have a webmaster, they can put it there in just a few minutes. We can also provide a graphic that you could put on your site that will draw more attention to your presentation. We will also make your presentation look like part of your site and no one [except a computer guy] would know it was not part of your original site.

5) Can we do some of the work to reduce our investment?
Yes- We have recently created a DIY "Do it Yourself" service for companies or professionals who have a traditional presentation and just need help with the technical aspects of getting it converted to streaming flash and online. see our DIY section.

6) Can we use this presentation for internal communications?
Yes - OTV presentations are excellent communication platforms for training and new product development announcements. Marketing reports, Meeting recap and project status reports are just some of the uses for OTV internally within your company.

7) What is digital signage?
Its any message that plays on an animated digital screen such as a lap top, HD TV, plasma screen etc. They are increasing in popularity and are a great use of OTV especially at trade shows and business expos. Many of our clients play a looping copy of their OTV presentation on their lap top, at their booth, to help "Start The Conversation" with the prospect walking by. They are a great "attention getter."

8) Can we change the color of the player to our website colors.
Yes- We have a wide range of color combinations that will be complementary to your web site and brand.

9) Can we use the presentation on an international basis?
Yes- Anywhere you can send an email or view a web page an OTV presentation can be used and broadcast to the world. OTV presentations have been viewed in more than 70 countries around the world.

10) Can we get reports about how many people have viewed our presentation?
Yes- We can tell you how many people have viewed the presentationand even provide their IP address. These reports can be emailed to your account automatically weekly.
Giving you the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of your presentation.
call our office to learn how.
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