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OTV / GTMV is a full-service production company dedicated to creating high-impact presentations that increase revenue and reduce overhead support costs. Bring the human connection to your website and make an immediate impression with your audience. OTV presentations connect you to your customers and SHOW them what they need to know—screen by screen, click by click, 24-hours a day.

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  $598 low cost start-up
   Protected territories
   Profitability in the very first week
   Affordable advertising format for clients
   Full training
   Business can be done in any city or state in the country
   Simple business plan
   Residual income

When it comes time for companies to tighten their belts,
it only makes sense that they will focus on the ad medium that has the best Return on Investment.

When you promote and resell our online video brand, clients can track exactly how many people saw it, precisely how many people responded (clicked-through) and exactly how much money they earned from it.
We can work to refine and improve company ads to improve their ROI as well.
It's vastly superior to Print, TV and Radio .

GTMV is currently looking for sales executives partners and existing PR professionals to help promote and resell our presentation brand together.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share in the profit!

Fill in the form below and then call our
Direct Line 267.799.4566 to set up a phone interview.

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