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80%  of Web users have seen an online video ad

52%  took action after viewing the ad

31%  visited the advertisers Web site

22%  searched for info about the product

15%  visited the store to check out the product

12%  made a purchase

16%  talked to friends/family about the product

9%  forwarded the video ad to friends/family

You’re on a budget. You need a Impactful video with a small price tag. You're in the right place.
We save our clients huge set up and production costs....
By combining pre-existing images and footage (provided by you or from our extensive stock library) along with a solid marketing concept, a professionally-written script, and voice-over narration, we create a unique montage-style video without the added cost of an on-location shoot-  Saving your firm Time & money.

Knowing how and where to distribute your video content is crucial in determining your video’s creative goals. From knowing the specs your video must meet for length and display size to using best practices for a particular format, choosing a delivery and distribution solution should be the first thing you decide prior to creating a video. Fortunately, GTMV offers a variety of video delivery and distribution solutions to meet your specific needs.

Every GTMV video is syndicated across the web with your key words embeded into the video information for greater SEO and search engine impact pointing prospects back to your web site.

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Your Video Can Be Syndicated to:
  • Accelerate the Sales Cycle
  • Qualify prospects faster by increasing product knowledge, reducing confusion and illustrating key benefits.
  • Showcase Features and Benefits
  • Engaging Videos make people want to learn about your product.
  • Distribute Product Information Quickly and Cost-Effectively
  • Multiple delivery options allow you to significantly increase product exposure for a fraction of the cost of traditional promotion.
  • Provide a Consistent Source of Quality Leads
  • Ask prospects to complete a brief registration page before viewing the Video and watch the qualified leads roll in.
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Product demos on landing pages can dramatically increase conversion rates for your marketing
Why Video?
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Our small affordable video packages have a BIG impact on your website's SEO

We enter important key words to your brand into the meta data and internal tags of your video page that is picked up by the top search engine spiders. This information leads back to your website and over time will improve your search engine ranking and organic page search results.

FACT: Google purchased mega video site "YouTube" in 2006 for the huge sum of
$1.6 BILLION Dollars. As a result Google gives a tremendous amount of "Weight" to video content. Google is one of the most successful Internet companies in history.
They know that Video is the future of content....and now you do too!

Our Company name is: "OTV Online Media"
Our local video product is called: ""
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Your Video Can Include:
  • Lead capture forms
  • QR Barcode trailer
  • Mobile Web Site play
  • Web Syndication
  • Email Signature
  • Analytics and metrics
  • Branded web page
  • Upload to your branded YouTube Channel

  • FULL Two minute Pro Montage Video Includes:
  • Script and copy help to present your best marketing benefits
  • Full Pro voiceover production
  • Stock video clips inserted as needed
  • FREE Mobile Smart Phone Website with your video & Contact info
  • FREE Lead Capture Form directly to your email inbox
  • FREE Custom Branded YouTube Video Channel setup
  • FREE Embeded Video web page
  • FREE URL domain -
  • FREE FaceBook Like button to your video
  • FREE FaceBook Video Fan Page
  • FREE Twitter Follow Buttons
  • FREE meta data tags for SEO and Google indexing page rank
  • FREE membership to our VIP club
  • FREE Referral Program- Refer three clients and your Package is FREE
  • FREE Web Syndication- your video gets blasted across the web.
  • FREE QR Barcode in your video trailer for mobile contact